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Steve Wright

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As a Health and Safety Consultant, I can help you and your business make adequate provisions for Health & Safety.
As you are aware Health & Safety legislation is a major body of law, and may require specialised knowledge to ensure that all legal standards are met.

Does your business have a company Health & Safety policy, if you employ 5 or more people (including yourself) it is a requirement that you produce a corporate safety policy. It may be that you also need supplementary policies such as :- a policy on first aid, or display screen equipment etc.

Risk assessments are a legal duty that is imposed on employers in order to identify risks within the workplace, this is also a major step towards accident prevention. Accidents can prove very costly in an age of litigation with solicitors offering deals such as 'no win, no fee'.

* Policies and procedures
* Risk assessments ie display screen equipment,manual handling
* Fire precautions
* Workplace inspections
* Managing Health and Safety
* Identifying and controlling hazards
* Identifying safety training needs
* Legal standards
* General Health and Safety advice

If you feel that it is time to review and update your Health & Safety provisions I can help in these areas.

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