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Christopher James NELSON, born on the 19th of March 1952 at 72 Hope Street Grimsby Lincolnshire England. Immigrated to Australia with his family in 1962. Is now a serving Police Officer in the Far North of Queensland Australia.

My Police Station is a small two-man outpost high up in the Mountains 100 kilometres West of Cairns. Our village is called Malanda and is predominantly dairyfarming, beef and crops. The surrounding countryside is made up of green rolling hills, thick rainforest, lakes, rivers and old volcanoes. In all there are about 1500 people in my division.

I was very surprised at how similar my present job is to that of the fictional Bobbies in the town of Aidensfield in the series Heartbeat. I became addicted to the show because it was like watching my partner and I at work in our division. Perhaps Far North Queensland is 40 years behind anywhere else.

Instead of Foxes, Stoats, Rabbits, trout and Pheasants. We have Dingoes, Bandicoots, Wallabies, Barramundi and Bush Turkeys. We even have our very own version of Claude Greengrass. I carried old ladies shopping bags, wrestled drunks, slipped on cow manure, sat on electric fences, chased stray cows and dogs, been chased by cows and dogs and arrested happy drunks who wouldn’t stop singing.

I drive a Police 4 x 4 Toyota truck and am on call out just like Nick and Mike in the show. As far as the show is concerned. It is very realistic and even real Police that I know could learn things from it.

Malanda is a long way from my hometown of Grimsby; I remember my childhood so vividly. Still miss Grimsby and my old pals. Jeff Long and his sisters Bev and Vicki. Allan Allard, Willy Chambers and Victor Jennings they must all still be there somewhere.

If any of you are there drop me a line. saint@austranet.com.au

Cheers, Senior Constable Chris NELSON.

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